Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.12.1650 (Thursday 31 December 1650)

document 70005410

December. 31: Before the final ruin of the Roman Empire (which is the horse man of Austria, and the Kings of the west which are part of that fourth beast, and all of them are the whole beast) there shall be a spiritual kingdom of christ, which towards the end shall have instruments quite fallen off from the Imperial and popish interest, which god will make use of towards setting up his kingdom and ruining the other worldly kingdom. Dan. 2. 44. Revel. 17. 12. 13. 14. 16. 17. now out of this tract of the Earth where these horns reign, shall arise the persons that destroy the whore, v. 16. so that it seems still as some arise in every home or kingdom to carry on Christs kingdom and set it up. some shall arise to oppose, but the side of christ prevails, now in the doing this work, and when he is doing it, the lord he calls his people out of her. Revel. 18. 4. how do the reformed Churches of any persons of them still remain in Rome. for they have renounced her doctrines as hers. her worship her discipline. as its beyond, beside, against the word: aye but not her interest, which is royalty, and abetting that power that tends to keep the Saints low: God calls them out from this, and calls it her, come out of her. (her other things are her mark, name or number of her name. thus god calls his servants in England and Ireland and Scotland, and those of his servants that stuck to her interest what havoc is made of them in Scotland, and how put out of employment in England: lord save yours who are now like a firebrand in the fire, now we hear many of the most godly Scots do fall off from the King and his party, bring us of more and more. the Parliament. all along and the now acting party declare against popery. anti-christianity in all things, and Kings whom they call tyrants, and for liberty

This day heard that Edinburgh Castle was surrendered December 24. past to General Cromwell , nothing can withstand gods purpose, nor hinder that which he intends, to accomplish, this castle was counted invincible, it endured about. 15 weeks siege.