Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.12.1650 (Tuesday 29 December 1650)

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Dec: 29. This week the lord was good and gracious to me and mine in our peace, health plenty and all outward mercies for which I bless the name of god, still the lord keeps us from the smallpox, which continues still in some families, my dear wife somewhat more healthy than formerly, both my lambs somewhat troubled with settings in their chests, the Lord in his due time will ease them of that also, my navel a little issues but not sore I bless god, my back part of my head itches and pains me, as former years it did, I conceive its a rheum(.) my heart is exceedingly troubled with vanities and turned this way and that so that I cannot with quietness of spirit attend to gods worship. good lord cure me of it, the lord gave me help this lords day Dr. Youngs son.

The great things in the Revelation are held out by 7.7 seals, trumpets vials, thunders that utter their voices when the sixth seal is opened then is the breast bustle against the empire heathen. Revel. 6. 12. the 7 seal as a seal is a rest, and nothing done until the trumpets that then sound, act their parts. Revel. 8: 1: 2:

at the 6 trumpet stirs to purpose. Revel. 9: 13. when the seventh sound then time no more, the rest is at hand: so the 6th vial is the acting one Revel. 16. 12. when the 7 poured out then rest v. 17. now it come into my mind the creation distinct by 7 days is pointed too. the 6 day is created the least and in the latter part man. the 7th day is a day of rest god ceases from his work of creation. - the 6 days are the 6000 years of this worlds continuance but that they are shortened by the wonderful numberer: this day at the 9th hour was Adam created at the 9th hour of that day christ suffered, here is 250 years abated, and perhaps if we deduct christs age. 33 years and a half. the bringing in of the second Adam to reign in the restitution of all things should be perfected anno 5726: 1/2: the shortening for the elect sake answerable to Adams shortening of his day. may bring the beginning of these things very near our times. however we are come into the afternoon of the 6 day of the worlds age, the world now being 558 years old, yet a little while and he that will come, will come and will not tarry. Cant: 8: a history of the church arising and a wilderness, a desolate condition, wherein the profession of religion scorn and neglect or ordinances abound, so that scarce any face of religion, and unsettled condition, all as it were plucked up by the roots, and all to be now planted: national church dissolved, and particular churches taking place, which being a new plantation, the national church and principles lie desolate, but she leans on her beloved to uphold her, and to enable her to effect her work against anti christ.

the little sister the Jews to be converted: the vineyard the church Sol: 1000. the 1000 years of christs reign on his saints. the 200 year of particular saints living and continuing on earth by the pieces: the conclusion is the churches prayer, which is mine, come my love, oh my dear saviour, let thy salvation draw near, oh how you skip over the hills, leap in at the morning window of my spirit I humbly entreat thee; two things my soul pants after. viz. The great work and alterations god is making and doing in the world, the advancement of his saints. the giving the nations to his christ, the particulars of this work, and the season of these, for they have their set time. oh be with me an unworthy creature, for mercy sake to discover thy mind to me though an unworthy sinner my heart is set on that on this work for thy sake oh my saviour.