Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.12.1650 (Sunday 27 December 1650)

document 70005400

[1651 or 53 annus gratius sanctis in anglia 1665. in universo degentio(rum)] 27. The slaying of the witnesses is either general or particular, if particular as it seems to be, it is where there is a tenth of the City. and that is England a separate part from the rest, and in the Popes opinion alter orbis. if so their slaughter was before this parliament, and their rising by them who called them up to heaven anno. 640. who slew 7000 of clergy men and their dependants and courtiers deprived them of their revenues about that time that is shortly after, for they attempted that year and effected afterwards, the remnant affrighted and gave glory to god, the nation generally honoured good men complied with them who lead them in their petitions and actings and landings: now Ezechiel says the visions of restoring was like the vision of destruction: chap: 43: 3: now he tells us chapt. 40. 1: in the 25 year of their captivity in the beginning of the year (of) the 10th day of the month, in the 14. year after the City was smitten. he saw the vision: so then. 11. years from his captivity the City was smitten. so that anno 1651. will complete the smiting work of the 10th part of the City. where the ruin of anti christ begins, and 14 years after that bring forth the new Jerusalem viz Anno Domini 1665; the glory of god went from the temple; at the north door. Ezech. 8. 3. rested on a mountain on the east of the City Ezech: 11. 23. and goes out at the east gate. Ezech. 10. 19. in those gates the wickedness committed, and the way the lord reenters the way sin disposed him Ezech. 43. 1. 2. 4, Ezech. 44. 4. so at the north gate; - Lord show me the pattern of thy house the goings and enterings in of the same, and though you steal in upon us as a thief in the night, yet let thy servant see his own abominations, and be upon his watch for christs sake to discern the entrance of thy glory.

This great work the Kings of the East, help on mostly, but the North England and other parts also and the work in England was eastern work, the army were in the Eastern association when they refused to disband, seize on the King, and Cromwell is of the East, and there are many more in the East than in any parts of England that attend this work, and now they are gone into the North for the like attempt on Scotland and then declared king. Lord for thy christs sake let thy secret be with thy poor servant. Psal. 27. 4. 5. in my ordinary course of reading were a refreshing to me, and set home upon my spirit, according to former apprehensions, that god would mark me and preserve in these desolations to see him in his temple in glory.