Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.1.1651 (Sunday 12 January 1651)

document 70005450

Jan: 12. This week past the Lord was good to me and mine for soul and body in outward mercies, good in giving me an insight into my estate and condition and in a heart to eye him as my chief joy, the lord good in my dear wife , who is somewhat better than formerly apprehends she breeds, oh that my heart could delight in thee, let it not be shut up nor my heart straightened towards thee I entreat thee oh my god, the Lord was good and merciful to me in the Sabbath, and in the work of the day for which I bless his most, holy name,

preached on phil. 4. 19. and Rom: 8. 21: liberty from sin and freedom in holiness heard of the death of Mrs Elizabeth King who married Mr Potter , and died in childbed, thy goodnesses to me in mine are great and many teach me to value them.