Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.3.1651 (Sunday 2 March 1651)

document 70005550

M. 2. The Lord was gracious to me, and mine in our health, and outward mercies my dear wife apt to qualms, but pretty cheerful. My heart in some measure in a good frame, and my annoyances of heart which formerly troubled and swayed either appear not or kept under by the grace of god, the season cold, and things hard, price of corn and commodities rise, and little or no work, the work at a present stand in Scotland, all things for present quiet in England blessed be his name, last Monday morning Jane a little above 5 years old, dreamed that Jesus christ was at our church, and went up into my pulpit, and there he stayed a while, and then he came down, and came into bed to her. she said to him, why do you come to me; and he answered her to sleep a little with thee, and he laid down and slept, and again she dreamed that Jesus christ told her that he should come and reign upon the earth 10000 years

the lord was good to me in the Sabbath and in the work and service of the day for which I desire to admire the holy name of god, Brown on the green very sick with the smallpox, my god preserve mine, I put them under thy protection, say so it shall be, ever amen sweet Lord.