Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.4.1651 (Sunday 13 April 1651)

document 70005640

Ap: 13; The lord renewed his mercies towards me and mine in providing for us, and protecting of us(,) his hand is abated in the distempers of the smallpox in the town, they are up, and well in all families except two. the sense of his goodness towards me is renewed in me for which I admire and bless him: my navel continues a little moist, but not very sore, I apprehend I feel it, the intimations of god on my spirit are goodness towards me, but my wretched unbelieving heart is apt to distrust god, I bless him, that my heart is more tender towards him, sweetened with his presences ready to submit to his wise providence. for he knows what is good, and best for me, and according to this word he does, and will act; the season was very comfortable and cheerful the week past; the lord when he sees good will refresh the face of the earth with his dews, that it may yield increase, to the sons of men, the lord was good to me this day in the word that was preach, I began this day to expound again at Judges. 9. we gave over our jangling chiming as they call it, the lord in mercy help me in his work, and watch over me for good unto whom only I resign myself,