Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.4.1651 (Sunday 27 April 1651)

document 70005675

Ap: 27. This week also the lord renewed his goodness to me and mine in our peace, preservation and health, when divers are still found out by the smallpox, I trust god will mark ours for preservation and hides us that evil shall not know of us, nor come near us, the lord he knows what is best for us, and there I leave my poor sinful soul; this week continued dry all the time and very cold, the lord in mercy refresh the earth, and not change the seasons, a sweet dew fell late night, and there are some hopes of rain, the lord for his mercy sake send it: my navel was well this week, I praise my god for I felt it neither sore nor found it moist: I did not dress it at all, nor disturb the same; this week was quiet no occurrences of moment, but we begin to expect action now every day: This week I found sluggishness on my spirit, and a want of reason in my employment. my heart meditations of god are frequent and sweet, but many time in private and family my heart is much shut up . the lord help me. I found some old vanities apt to return again, lord destroy them root and branch I humbly entreat thee; the lord was good to me in the work and duty of the Sabbath, the lord in mercy accept me and pardon me, I expounded twice, but wrote but little of it

great business as if the D. of Lorraine would undertake the protection of the Irish, great fears and jealousies are abroad and among men.