Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.5.1651 (Sunday 4 May 1651)

document 70005695

May. 4. The lord continued his goodness to me and mine in all our outward mercies, the lord spared the town this week so as the smallpox spread not, the lord kept all mine as under his wings and feathers for which I bless him, the State of England began to bustle this spring, lord go along with them and prosper them, this spring was very winterly cold, and dry so that [ ]eth be exceeding cheap, and commodities grew very reasonable, [and gods name] be praised in it, this week past god was good to me in my paths in sweet[ning] my heart with the fear and love of himself, and in the apprehensions of his bowels and gracious bosom towards me in all providences whatsoever. I found my navel well for which I bless my god: the Lord was good to me in the word preached, the doctrine of contentment I intended sooner, but god would have Mr Potter who buried his wife hear some part of it, he preached one part of the day for me, the Lord be with me in my intentions for London and return me safe again, I expounded the story of Jepthahs daughter, whom I apprehend he did not sacrifice,