Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.6.1651, 8.6.1651 (Friday 6 June 1651)

document 70005755

6. a hearer at Halsted, the sermon very spiritual and profitable, lord bless the town and country in the labours of that man, heard as if the Scots were near Carlisle, the lord our god stand up for our help in whom I put my trust: the great rumours of this week came to nothing, Cromwell recovers apace for which gods name be praised. [June. 8:] Mr R.H. gave to me and my dear wife each of us one of his books which he printed, which was viewed and corrected by me, and the postscript I penned, the printer did full ill in the printing of it

This week past the Lord was good to me and mine in all most needful mercies. he kept me and mine in health when its sad with others, the lords goodness is towards the town, the town is now free from any that are actually sick, the good lord still cover mine under his feathers; and teach us to profit by all his dealings: my heart very apt to forwardness and to vanity, the good lord in mercy make me more than a conqueror over all my many corruptions, my navel through mercy continued ill, I had one lords day after minding god, god would give us a good issue to the Scotch business as a sign of it the smallpox should not proceed much in the town, I could not then comply with it, as questioning whether it were of god, the lord in some measure begins to do, and I trust he will do it, and help me to trust in him for this and all good. the lord was good and merciful to me in the duty of the Sabbath, the lord in mercy own me, and stand by me in the same for his name sake,