Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.7.1651 (Sunday 27 July 1651)

document 70005890

July. 27. This week past the Lord renewed his goodness to our family in our health, the smallpox entered another family. one Isersons apprentice(.) still god preserves me and mine for whose mercy his name be praised: my cold wears away, my navel indifferent well, my wife better than formerly her hour draws near, the lord in mercy remember her(.) this week past the lord was a help to me, keeping me in his fear, and savouring my heart in the sense of his love, and keeping divers of my old corruptions under, oh slay them before thy face for mercy and goodness sake, and make my heart watchful in me to keep close to my gracious god. this day we comfortably received the communion of the body and blood of christ, wherein gods presence was with us, we had two members with us for those two that are now triumphing in heaven, the Lord was good to me in the preaching of the word for which mercy my soul desires to bless the holy name of god, the weather, was hot and dry, harvest near, but not yet begun with us.