Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.10.1651 (Sunday 26 October 1651)

document 70006095

Octob: 26: This day, and the week past, the lord was good to me in the mercies of my family in our preservation when the smallpox still continues to look into divers families, but oh my heart is wretched, in my calling very negligent, it has often troubled me, and I am not reformed, I am neither spiritual in my work, carried out nakedly to do good service, but am apt to eye myself in outward conveniences and necessaries. Lord I am resolved in my strength to look better to my heart, and ways, lord you are my all, and my help alone is in thee, I pray thee, stand up for me, and frame my heart to thy will, and preserve me and mine for mercy sake I entreat thee,