Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.12.1651 (Tuesday 28 December 1651)

document 70006250

Dec: 28: The Holland Ambassadors had their audience Dec: 19. no actions this week, our work will be to settle our conquests, and to order things at home with justice to content, heard that 12. men. 4 lawyers and 8. gentlemen are chosen to frame a model of regulating the Law: its said the Gen. in the house offered them his commission. now Ireton is dead, it is questioned whether the power of Lieutenantship shall be continued to Cromwell , or which way his place, and that government shall be managed(.) in the week past the lord was very good to me and mine in our health, and outward mercies, not feeling those difficulties that are upon others, the lord helps me against old temptations, oh a constant following our calling and walking with god therein is very comfortable. god good to me this day in the word and the work thereof.