Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

3.1.1652 (Saturday 3 January 1652)

document 70006265

3. Heard this day of the reducement of the two Islands of Jersey and Guernsey to the obedience of parliament. Elizabeth Castle yielded Decem: 12. the 15. our men took possession according to agreement: Cornet Castle was the last of the kingdom of England that held out against the parliament for the King: that was yielded up. so now here is a 10th part of the city fallen from the interest and worship of Rome. Except we say its not complete until all the appendices of this crown in Ireland and Scotland are reduced which we expect shortly. and then speedily the second woe passes. which is his not troubling the part of the Roman world with his stupendous conquests. but some enemy is raised up to exercise his power, and in due time to abate his greatness and bring in his ruin in time, even so Lord Jesus come quickly.