Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.2.1652 (Monday 9 February 1652)

document 70006340

9. went to Rob. Nic: kindly entertained, the man has a catechism and piece about baptism (which it is said he will print) we had discourse thereon and on Acts. 2. 39: with much soberness and kindness: he is against infant baptism. for water baptism, yet not baptised. for several reasons, one was because baptisers give not the holy ghost R: 1. then also you have no faith, for miracles are the following tokens of faith: Mark. 16. 2. baptised did not receive the H(oly) G(host) when baptised, some before, and so the baptisers did not confess it, and many not at all as S(imon) Magus. and others. viz Acts. 8. 10: I answered to his other reasons, which are two weak to bear water in any indifferent mans eye we all know but in part. and I much less than other men, if I have but a weak light, help me with a sincere heart, and strength of love to, and faith in my god that I may through thee run my race with comfort