Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.4.1652 (Sunday 11 April 1652)

document 70006500

April: 11: This week the lord was good to me and mine in our healths. only I and my 2 children have the scab, they to purpose, the lord intends it, I trust for good to us, I desire therefore to say nothing against his will and pleasure therein, my workings of mind and vain thoughts return much upon me Lord for mercy sake, do thou lay a restraint upon them, I find my heart much shut up in prayer, little of spiritualness in my thoughts, and ways, the lord be my quickening, and my strength(.) the lord was good to me in the work of the Sabbath, the lord in mercy own me accept me and do me good: heard of a rout given by Conde to part of the French army.