Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.5.1652 (Sunday 2 May 1652)

document 70006525

May: 2. This day we broke bread. Sister Hunt with us. there were 2 absent on dissatisfaction as to the place of worship. brother clarke once and sister Thomasin the 2nd time Mrs Church away by reason of illness, the lord in mercy restore her if it be his will and pleasure, the lord instruct me about the dissenters. the lord knows my heart was dark this day, yet some lively affections were in the work, the lord makes my obedience cheerful, though I have not his witness and evidence in my bosom, lord remember us with rain, and answer prayer. god was good to me and mine in our health and outward mercies, the children well recovered from their scab, the lord in mercy rejoice over me to do me good.