Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.8.1652 (Sunday 29 August 1652)

document 70006725

Aug: 29. The Lord very good to me and mine in our healths, when very many are suddenly snatched away, and I trust he will reserve me from the remainder of these evils that mine eyes may see the good of his Jerusalem, through mercy my mind is more free from former annoyances which were and the remembrance of them is very bitter to me, but I find much sloth in my employment, and deadness of heart not so much eyeing how I do my work and how god prospers it in my hand, I look up to thee oh Lord I pray thee undertake for me, the lord gave us a very sweet refreshing shower so that the water ran down many houses, the lord was good to me in the work of the day, but my spirit groans under much negligence, the good lord revive me, we had 3 died in our town this week. a man, woman, and child.