Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.1.1653 (Tuesday 4 January 1653)

document 70006985

4: Mr Fuller preached here at Colne: 5 it rained a very sweet shower. 6. Mr Sparrow preached the lecture at Wakes Colne, this latter part of the day it began to rain, and gives hope of abundance, the ground was never so long dry in the memory of man the earth not wet to the shares point since beginning of March; many springs dry ponds almost dry and so continued to this day: my daughter Janes fit of the ague through mercy much abated, my wife somewhat, this points to the creatures vanity the lord shows me more into the baseness of my heart, and the sense of it fills me with trembling and astonishment, so that I am at a(t) loss many times, the good lord establish me through believing, and fill my heart with joy thereby.