Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.5.1653 (Sunday 22 May 1653)

document 70007305

May: 22: This day lowering hot, the grass begins to wither, and some corn to fade, yet many places more wanting rain than with us, many springs stopped so that they run not others quite dried, the lord hasten rain in his due season, the lord good to me and mine in our health, saw a bill whereby it appears 2 have died of the plague, lord stay thy hand. if it be thy pleasure oh lord, my heart was warm in preaching the word. I bless the lord for it, but I find such undiscerningness in my spirit of fellowship with god, and am so unacquainted with the life and power of christ with me, that my heart is amazed at the same, lord when will you heal my soul.