Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.7.1653 (Sunday 10 July 1653)

document 70007425

July: 10: in this morning I dreamed, that divers were in a pulpit in a church, and that divers heaved it this way, and that but could not make it fall, I dreamed that the Mayor, and great men of the place sat at the upper end, but did nothing one way or other, I thought I came in with a rod in my hand and laid it by the wall, divers looked on me; I trust god will take care of me in those church troubles that are coming on us.

The Lord continues his shade on my tabernacle, blessed be his name. I want no outward good thing. I find a filthy, wretched heart, shall I never find christ empowering me to put every imagination under, oh lord let thy goodness do this for me, for I am weak, and nothing, this day very hot, god good to me in the work and duty thereof, the lord was a good god in the season, which suits to the fruits of the earth; some of the separation called Anabaptists hearing this day. do they hope to enjoy our meeting places and therefore will did own their old o pinion of abominating the place, come they as spies to catch, or to make way for others to come: lord I am not solicitous, I desire only to serve thee singly.