Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.8.1653 (Sunday 21 August 1653)

document 70007495

Aug: 21: week past, inconstant weather, last day, dry and windy and so is this, god will remember us in mercy although we forget him, and live much out of his sight, little faith stirring, but much sense and fleshliness, the lord arm all his people to rule themselves on, and to trust upon him at all times. I found vain imaginations troubling me, and I find thereby an endless rule of evil that is never unravelled. the more vain the heart is the more vain its ready to be, and foolish thoughts in one kind, do not spend and consume that folly that is in the heart, but indeed make it more ready to call in sins of other kinds, oh help me against evil thoughts I pray thee oh my gracious, and almighty father: and I desire thee to keep my heart in looking up unto thee, because of these things. - saw in the prints a letter from 2 pretending themselves Christ's witnesses, false prophets are one sign of the last days, god good to me in the Sab: its a great joy to me that I carry my work before me, and am fully provided the day before for my work