Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.11.1653, 13.11.1653 (Thursday 10 November 1653)

document 70007620

10. John Cressener baptised. Jo. Humphreyes 2 bullocks brought me: snow and rain. No: 13: This week past the lord mindful of me and mine in outward mercies, on the latter days my wife far better, I find my heart still much musing on worldly objects, and so my meditations of god are shut out, I find my heart not so open in prayer as wont, lord I look up to thee with expectation of help, none but you alone can do it, oh be near to me, the lord good to me in the Sabbath: I received a kind letter from Mr H at London, god opens his heart toward me again for which I bless him