Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.5.1654 (Sunday 21 May 1654)

document 70007940

May: 21. The week past, god was good to me, and mine in many outward mercies, whose bounty and goodness encompasses me about continually, my wife bears up very comfortably, the season very hot at present, the plague is begun at one end of the land viz chester(,) the lord prevent the spreading of it, if it be his good pleasure, I fear he that has saved us will destroy us, as once he did to Israel. so Judd. v. 5. our iniquities increase and call for the great M(aster) to take his rod, and walk around his house, oh be a hiding place to me and them that fear thy name, the lord good to me in the word this day yet I cannot but bemoan my inactivity for god in my place.