Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.7.1654 (Wednesday 12 July 1654)

document 70008035

July. 12. This day set apart for the choice of parliament men through the kingdom, and I set it apart to seek god, on behalf of my family, god would be our god, and my little Ann's god would baptise it with the spirit, and give it his grace and a new name and take it into his family who has given it into ours, Lord I desire thee to show me the work of my generation, more and more clearly and guide me by thy eye that I may not fall therein, - and my desire is god would take care of his own, and seeing evil is coming on the earth, and then be you their refuge(.) The morning was thick, dark, and misling; walking out at noon, I heard of the untimely death of Wm Elmes only son of his parents, and indeed I think only child, he fell from his horse, and broke his neck, he was my scholar at Deane and very well disposed: my heart melts, and mourns in such a providence, oh lord thy ways are a great deep.

this day knights chosen in our county. 13. a very small number of choosers appeared not 500 although it was the sessions time, the choice as to the outsides of men indifferent good, the lord make them careful and mindful of him, its said there were a great number of ministers present a 100. or more.