Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.1.1655 (Sunday 14 January 1655)

document 70008375

Jan: 14: My children ill with colds, and my wife also, god a support, and stay of heart to us under our affliction, and a sweet revival to us therein, oh that my heart could be weaned from the world thereby, and more, and more set on Jesus Christ, the lord good to me in the work of the day, opening my heart in prayer more than ordinary, the lord make me mindful of him, and to remember he reigns, when the waves roar, and are tumultuous.

I had sought the god of my mercies, on whom I leave myself to make provision for me to facilitate my matters for me; where I was apprehensive of hard dealing, I had no present answer, my spirit went on in seeking him, then I met with a temptation, that I must use means, I had done that in my power, loath I was to go to law, my journeys in vain; while this was a trouble. die. 15. the worst business was ended to my content beyond my expectation, by the persons coming to me, and. die. 16. another business was dispatched that was in my mind, this is thy goodness oh that I could wear this favour and hereby trust thee as my father, and most fast friend.