Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.1.1655 (Wednesday 24 January 1655)

document 70008385

24. dark cloudy weather, but not very cold, and a little drying, no rumours almost in the country, some talk of granting subsidies which is not very pleasing to rich men, at night I had in my dreams a sense of that dream, wherein I saw a ship under sail towing a long Boat laden with powder, this was the white kings action which was volans, and that fleet, would go from hence with their long boats:- the horse and man, noted his actions equitans, he would be in the head of great land armies; a man on a horse muffled up in his cloak his back towards me, his action descendens, going far West in foreign countries he would be ruined. the pullus aquile. [Psal. 103. 28.] - a son of his coming from him when beyond sea to us here, the person O.C. I could not much heed this in regard the prophesy is not authentic.