Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.2.1655 (Tuesday 13 February 1655)

document 70008435

13. rose more early than formerly; heard just as I rose, a fire on Coln green, quenched and no hurt to mention, blessed by god: one called me down gave me a hint of some trouble at London, presently sent for to priory , saw a letter from Major Haines to call divers to Markshall, to communicate a letter from the protector to them, to acquaint them, with the present state of affairs which threaten trouble, I was not desired. the Lord show me his way, and guide me therein, I was writing, when I heard these; against those thoughts that expect Christs kingdom suddenly to appear, and to be managed by their arms and weapons. its expected the Cavaliers will rise, and Charles Stuart come and head them. the Levellers are up 300 in the west, its though(t) Grey . and Eyres and wildman head them, also the 5th monarchy men in London under Harrison and Rich ; and what if all this be but in design,