Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.2.1655 (Sunday 18 February 1655)

document 70008440

Feb: 18. Through mercy the great noise of plots vanish, but whether some mens evil intentions will not take place god knows, these things and days are very mysterious, the lord be good to me therein(.) the weather is wonderfully uncertain, and moist, god good in the state and condition of my family, the lord in mercy delight in me, and rejoice in me to do me good, I know great things are at hand, oh that I had a heart to make the state of my soul to godward sure then should I not fear in the day of evil, my heart a little warmed with Christs love to me oh that I find strength to live up to his mind, it is in my desires to die to all things, that I might live to him, and god that puts it into my heart I trust will put it into my life; I wonder when the plot is noised to be so much in the North, why all forces march to the city, especially from the north, I fear something is to be done in London.