Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.2.1655 (Sunday 25 February 1655)

document 70008445

Feb: 25. The lord good to me, and mine in outward mercies: the season very wet, cloudy, misty I never knew the like, the lord make us sensible of his dealing therein with us, my heart is still held close to look after the work of god in the generation, I find that many men great formerly are now in durance. Harrison by name, their is a lex talionis in our sufferings and surely the cup will go round, let not man trust in man, for his is but a lie, the Levellers and 5th. monarchy men are for present most shot at, the Independents in favour. the presb(yterians) not much meddling or meddled with, a higher strain of power, and perhaps some execution on some person: is aimed at, and perhaps feak . lord keep me from sin, and I shall have enough, I pity from my heart those that suffer praying god to sanctify it, and prepare me for my trial, and give me bowels to all.