Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.7.1655 (Sunday 15 July 1655)

document 70008690

July 15. God good to me and mine in many outward mercies, Major Haynes and his wife with us in very good health, the season is most exceedingly hot, and dry, the lord in his tender mercy mind us, under it; those called Quakers whose work is to revile the ministry, made a disturbance at Cogshall, and were sent to goal, the good Lord direct us what to do, and keep down violence in all spirits, a sad story at Markshall, a servant delivered of a child, which she made away; and could not suppose she could conceal it, persons with her immediately before, the lord keep me and mine from any such wickedness, I most humbly entreat thee, and without any spot and blemish to thy kingdom. said Mr Lamot was even dead, and not likely to live until this day, my Lady found him alive and sensible, blessed be god(.) god gave us another calm, and quiet Sabbath, oh many fear the Quakers to ruin, Cromwell (,) its not words that alter governments, and rout armies, it must form itself into a military posture first, and when that appears, then enemies of the state, disturbers of the peace seize on them