Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

16.7.1655, 17.7.1655 (Monday 16 July 1655)

document 70008700

17. Tom Humfry went from me to live at Allens a butcher as an apprentice, I promised him. 30s. towards it, lord you have been bountiful to me, let me never be straightened to yours

on the 16th at night I came from Mr Littels ; within an hour or less Guy Penhacke , at Stonebridge was heaved into the water by one in the shape of a bull and set down therein, and could not get out again in the same way. but was carried back again, he felt nothing touch him in the dark place above(,) it passed by him and as a wind with a rustle it beat him down into the road, then he was afraid; the man is bad, lord in mercy keep me, sanctify him