Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.11.1655, 21.11.1655, 22.11.1655, 23.11.1655 (Monday 19 November 1655)

document 70008970

19: the little boy at the priory , died this morning, Mr R.H. senior. very ill, the lord in mercy watch over him for good: 21: spent at Chapel, where I was sole arbitrator in the Nevils business with hope to end it; 22. married Tibball and his wife , towards morning [23.] I dreamed I was intimate and secretary to the Protector, who appeared to me young, I advised him to heed the interest, and the kingdom of Christ. solus inter nos, at the first entrance to this advice he interrupted me, told me I must mention not a word of any such thing for it was an unpardonable fault with the Council; it seemed as if not so to him, it would countenance the Anabaptists and other sects, but I might advise to make good laws against drunkenness and other vices.