Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.1.1656 (Saturday 26 January 1656)

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25: this was the last day of my. 39. year, god very good therein to me. This year memorable in the world in the attempt of the English on the West Indies, and their strange defeat before Domingo, which yet god intends not as a disappointment of that attempt. - the papists massacred the Savoy Waldenses among them, which action was resented and will occasion troubles. - Alexander 7. the new Pope does his devoir to make peace between France and Spain, and then general among all the papish party, which the Venetian promotes hoping succours thereby against the Turk and the whole party project thereby against the protestants, he is encouraged by the Q of Swedes turning papist; France made peace with England which is a great trouble to them - The Swede invaded Poland, and drove the King out and reduced all under him, no prince hindering, the Muscovite and Cossack comply. the Tartar nor Turk resist not, nor Emperor nor any other, this action is of wonder in the world, the lord preserve to my soul to keep me in his fear better to me than the glory of all their conquests.


Jan: 26: my 40: year enters. 1655.

I desire to consider how my days pass, some think the very world would end in 56. others the beginning of good days to the church, but I expect troubles on the earth and thereby persons making themselves great, who in themselves or successors, will and shall deeply afflict the lord. I set this day apart to seek gods presence with me in all my ways, that my hope may be set on him, and this was much on my spirit, that man I have nothing that god will accept like myself. this is the sacrifice, not my estate, or parts but soul and body firstly. Psal. 51. 17; a self empty nothing soul I tender. Rom 12. 2. 3. - this soul and body for this life and to all eternity. I freely unfeignedly dedicate to the lord, even all the remainder of my days. 1: Sam: 1:27:28: this I beg from thee, this heart to do it, and I do it advising what I do, as my duty, as my happiness, 12.602.8:5. to the Lord and his Jesus be my soul and body and days, and all that I am, I desire thee this day to bore my ear, yes my heart for one that desires never to be exempt from thee Exod. 21:5.6. and this I do expecting sufferings for thy sake, this I do that I may have to answer the Tempters. I am the Lords. I am not my own. 1 Cor: 6.19.20: take possession of my soul and body, and all as your own, by thy holy sanctifying, strengthening, wise spirit. I entreat thee. - oh how willing my soul is to this, one Chron: 29.18. and help me often to consider the vows of god are upon me, its in the strength of thy gracious spirit, and the sufficiency of the grace of Jesus, I vow, and hope to perform, not in myself is there any confidence only accept me, for I am thy servant, devoted to fear, and love thee, oh my father

And now Lord what wait I for? is not my hope in thee, and my whole dependence upon the: take care of me, as your son, and servant, and of mine, and because you yourself are beyond all other enjoyments, be you my portion and my tower(,) be you my dwelling place. yes as my sweet, saviour says so do. John. 14.23. and let my spirit always be in the hand of thy spirit, and under the teaching, and upholding thereof; furnish me to all thy services with that strength: phil. 4.13. and to all trials for I look for sad ones in the world, and to try yours thoroughly that they may be approved. Col: 1.11. but in all outward and inward. trails. you will keep: 1. Corinth: 10.13. and because my heart is not able to believe but is often flagging, put thy strength there also into my spirit. Eph: 1:19. and be you the helper of my faith, and joy. this is my aim to walk eyeing thee, and enjoying thee. in thy fear, and in thy love.

And oh that would bless the soul of those I call mine, wife, children, sisters(,) friends, kindred, people: my work of ministry, and education of youth, that I might be fruitful unto thy glory; and for outward things, I leave myself to thy dispose in thy love and wisdom, giving thee this day a testimony of thy mercy and faithfulness; and this is not in that I am weary of thy bounty, or that I slightly esteem it, for I confess I stand in need of these outward things and I am unworthy of the least. Gen: 32.10.; and do desire to be under thy blessing for it is good, but I thus resolve in testimony of my submission to thee, and because I would evidence that my all, is in the enjoyment of yourself in your Christ: in whom I hope to be accepted and made faithful, and through his mediation this sweet day may be made good on both parts. I yours and you mine. and thus I leave myself with thee as Nehemiah. 9.38: et. 10.39. and in testimony that I am none but yours. I heartily sign..... Ralph Josselin.

1. Chron: 29.10 often read this, as well as remember it,
19. in my heart and let my heart, abide steadfast. and seal on
then with joy, that thy part, oh lord even when you please,
god would thus and see best. this day best, beyond the day of
employ me my espousals, which was is a good day still