Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.2.1656 (Wednesday 20 February 1656)

document 70009100

20 The Protector and his council having. Aug: 19.54. passed an ordinance to eject, Ministers and schoolmasters. the Maj. gen. and his deputy required to put it in execution, on this foot the Commissioners therein named proceeded and began to act: called on this day, all the ministers(,) Lecturers, Curates, and Schoolmasters through the whole country to attend them at chelmsford to give in under their hands, and churchwardens, how they hold their livings, and how long which I thought was rigour. Exod. 1.14. I was there. the ways wonderfully dirty. close, but it rained not, god good to me, but my mind was vain, Mr Sparrow preached, he commended and encouraged the Commissioners(.) for my part I saw no beauty in the day, neither do I joy to see ministers put under the lay power, and thus on their own head. such is the affection of some that would be counted the first friends of god. and religion. hoped we should have been sent from thence to the Barbados(,) lord remember us for we are become a reproach.