Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.6.1656 (Wednesday 18 June 1656)

document 70009375

18: This morning my wife thought she miscarried, lord a miscarrying womb is a sad affliction, keep us from a miscarrying heart, that throws out wholesome counsel, and the suggestions of gods spirit, which lord we are sadly subject to, lord what the matter is you know, only this I know, it is not with my house as it should be, I am oppressed, and shattered in my spirit, lord undertake for me, one wave rolls in upon another, lord be you above the waters, make me wise under my burdens, and it may be a healing of that family distemper, which I find, but fear there is some hidden root of evil, lord pardon my evil therein I beg of thee. this day Mr R. Harlakenden the younger, sent me down from London. 3 pieces of Hoornbeck of his gift worth about 15s. or 16s. and a piece of chewneys .