Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.6.1656 (Tuesday 17 June 1656)

document 70009370

17. Mr Sparrow called at my gate, and engaged me to help him 20. at Halsted, I am through mercy free for that work, he moved me in Higham business who pay 550li. to buy in an impropriation, the work was evidently for god, and the good of souls, my heart came of to it, and I intended 20s. afterwards other thoughts arose not to draw back but to ponder it, I thought on 2. Cor. 8.11.12. with Cap: 6..7. and truly it arose from bounty, in my heart found respect to christ my all, towards sun setting, I met Justice Harlakenden who told me Sir Tho. Honywood would give me 2 loads of wood which is worth in the woods 26s. oh that I could learn to put my trust in god obeying and believing.