Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.8.1656 (Sunday 31 August 1656)

document 70009585

Aug: 31. god good to me in manifold mercies, the season very dry, no mists nor dews, the face of the earth is wonderfully burnt up, the lord help us to lay it unto heart, I had this morning a very large worm that came from me; Robt: Abbot sen: in the street told Tho. Harvy (may be Tho. Harvy) , there comes your deluder. lord we are a contempt and scorn(,) look upon it, oh lord, and heal it, he sat on the horse block as people came to church(,) Mr H. spoke to him, the lord help us against these growing evils, god was good to me in the work of the day for which I bless his most holy name,