Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.1.1657 (Friday 30 January 1657)

document 70009955

30: I expected to hear of Dr Wright this day. I was not afraid of evil tidings, my heart being fixed, trusting in god as to his provision for me; in the morning I gave a certificate to the army, that a Trooper was alive whom they expected dead but was only sick this was a a providential lift. Mr Harlakenden coming from Halsted lecture, called at my gate, I expected he had news, about it, he heard nothing, and received a letter from Major Haynes of his wives deliverance, which made him conclude all was well, oh lord, his life is to me a mercy, but there must be a sanctifying my heart to make it indeed so; hints as if things wrought towards an extremity between the Protect(or) and Parliament; at night our people thought they saw a great fire towards Suffolk(.) I expected a letter from London it came not, my heart was quiet all the day as to this dispensation, on gods care of me and mine be days what they will