Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.1.1657 (Monday 26 January 1657)

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26. received half a firkin of good soap, and half dozen of brown sugar a gift from Robt Abbot and his wife in sense of that kindness I showed him and her at Colne, and this was the ending and beginning day of a year with me.

When I review this year past in reference to the affairs of the world, I find things much at a stand, no new affair breaking out but the attempt of the Moscovite against the Swede, which was no great affair to view, no eminent turn of affairs in the world, except it were the going back of the affairs of Swede in Poland, the English took a prize from Spain: in matters of religion the apostasy proceeds, the pretence of being specially directed by the spirit is drunk in by persons if almost any pretend thereunto, and one Nailor in England, was esteemed by some for the christ, the King of Israel, for which a Parliament then sitting sentenced him, but no great discountenance put as the part by the Court, they rather wink than frown, yes release them, god in mercy think on us, some set up the saturday Sabbath, in reference to my outward affairs god good to us, and I find I am blessed by him, my heart is open to god and charitable deeds as my estate is enlarged, I find my inward estate mixed of troubles, temptations fears and hopes, finding a refuge under christ wings whither I desire continually to resort; a resolution in my heart to abide by the worship of god and his people through grace whatsoever comes thereon, the Venetian gave the Turke a great rout at sea, and god sadly afflicts Italy with the plague, the protestant troubles in Savoy, and Switzerland make no noise, they are under some troubles in France, the issue the lord knows.


Jan: 26: 1656: my 41 year enters

The lords presence be with me therein for good, my eye is on him for the same(,) I viewed with joy, the passages of. Jan: 26. 1655. blessing god for it, often read it.