Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.3.1657 (Thursday 26 March 1657)

document 70010115

26: my business done my heart vain, when our turn is served god is soon out of mind, grace struggled and god help me, I received 15s. that I expected not to have received.

when I come to view my estate this year, I find my expenses far deeper than divers years formerly, and my receipts more than ever, god be blessed. last year my estate was about 670li. I find I have about 590li. and I have paid for land to Mr Butcher . 150li. and to Mr Weale . 85li. which is in whole. 235. so that I have had a great increase this year of. 145li. or thereabouts. with the life and health of my family, no trouble in my estate, the lords love in christ is my life and joy. I have received into my hand Mrs Maries land on which I am out. 108.9s. this year 1657. is like to be a boisterous year in the world, the lord be my hope, and my shelter, my wisdom, and strength. and let thy blessing rest upon my tabernacle for the lords sake,