Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.4.1657 (Tuesday 21 April 1657)

document 70010200

21: Many times my heart fears as to eternity, because I find temptations returning and my heart often ensnared with them, my corrupt partaking in with them. so its in the vanity of my mind. I find myself a burden to myself in it, I loath myself but what I would not that I do, and yet I even would do it also, its pauls case Rom. 7. I find christ more dear and precious to me, I find often his help, but my constant repose is by faith in the promise, and that my faith is not presumption, I find a true work of grace witnessing it, though not a perfect sanctification in me, I can trust god, when all sense fails. I know he does intend me good, and this arouses my heart against evil, though it often prevail lord I am oppressed undertake for me, you that wings faith, slay corruption