Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.1.1658 (Monday 25 January 1658)

document 70010805

25. This day was the last of my 41. year, in which god has been with me and blessed me, and though Dr Wrights death cut me short in the school, yet I find my heart quiet, ruling itself on god, and no way questioning his providence to take care of me. Gen. 28.15. god has been with me in all places, and I trust he will in all times, he will keep me and he will keep with me, my boast is of him, he is my shield, in him I will rejoice, god has given me three children instead of 3 more which I had buried, and thus my dream of 3 shoots in my parlour cut down and growing up again is made good, the lord spare their lives, and thoroughly sanctify them.

When I view my inward state godward, my heart witnesses its integrity to the lord and his christ, and his worship desiring in all things to keep a good conscience, yet many are my failings, the pardon whereof my soul believes through christ, my eye is on eternity, and my hopes are to find favour with god, lord I bless thee for what you have wrought in me, fail not the work, the new work of thy hands: Abroad in the world matters are likely to be sad, yet I find not the apostasy to increase, this year the Emp. of Germany died, and no other yet chosen in his stead, his son the K of Hungary assisted Poland whereby the Swedes are driven into prussia. The P of Transilvania forced to retreat home, and was deposed for his attempt to please the Turk. Brandenburg made peace with the Pole and left Swede. the Moscovite was in a manner quiet this summer yet the Swede brushed him a little in Livonia. Denmark invaded the Swede in Bremeland, to his loss in Juitland, the Hollander proclaimed war against Portugal and took part of the Brasil fleet: The English assisted France against Spain and got footing in Flanders, the Venetians beat the Turks, but in the winter he regained some Iles as Tenedos, the Turks has issue male. the Q of Spain delivered of a son the King 53 years old and no son until now, the affairs in Italy and Catalonia not very boisterous. the Spaniards invaded Portugal by land and took some places, thus war breaks out, but no eminent matter was done in the world, the English protector settled by Parliament and a house of Lords in title erected January 20th.