Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.12.1660 (Tuesday 9 December 1660)

document 70012815

Decemb: 9. Gods mercy much to us in our children. Ann . had a bush in her knee very dangerous got out, and healed by the care of a tender mother . my little Mary fell dangerously into the fire, whom her mother snatched out and is almost joyed in healing her hands, gods name be praised for all(,) lord let thy present love, childrens duty, and all of us for future in tenderness be a comfort to this dear wife and mother that is so useful to us all, the winter hitherto very mild, and dry, a great help to me that am to go up to the green so often. god was good to me in the word awaken my heart to fear thee, and walk steadfastly with thee that it may be well with me.