Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.3.1661 (Sunday 31 March 1661)

document 70013005

March. 31. My dear friend Mr R.H. under a visible distraction, the lord in infinite mercy raise him up again.

When I come to view my expenses I find

I have laid out 233li.9s.l6d.ob.
I have received in all receipts whatsoever only. 146. 16. 0.
but my stock which I valued last year at. 25li. is worth now about. 55li. so though I have laid out. 87.6.5.ob more than received yet on the whole matter I am not abated in my stock above. 50li. and in lieu of that I am sure I have laid out. above 80li on the house on the green.
My roll of debts as in the blue book are about 80li.
owing unto me 167. 10. 0.

I have in cash towards my building about 50li. and my uncle Shepheard being dead, I have a meadow befalls my wife worth about. 50li. more, which when it comes into my hand I shall value.

Yet god even in outward things is good to me, lord make me upright before thee in all my ways, I humbly entreat thee and continue thy kindness to me, and all that fear thy name.