Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.5.1661, 8.5.1661, 10.5.1661, 11.5.1661, 12.5.1661 (Tuesday 7 May 1661)

document 70013065

May: 7. rode to London on which day the city forces mustered in Hide park where a remonstrance was got of the soldiers for restoring Bishops. found Mr Harlakenden pretty well. - 8. the King in great state rode to parliament. between the coronation and this day. viz. May.5. the Duke of Yorkes only son died and was privately buried. 6: some were hurt in the view by scaffold breaking and one killed if not more: in the throng at the Commons door to go out to the King in the upper house Alderman Fowk was said to lose 50. links of his gold chain. I apprehend this Parliament. The convocation met in Pauls I saw 12 Bishops there etc. We returned to Colne with Mr H. die. 10. and fetched his wife to him. 11. and now lord bless them together:- 12: a great fire in Scotland yard, part of Whitehall