Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.3.1663 (Sunday 29 March 1663)

document 70013810

March. 29. A very cold east wind dry, and sometimes a shower. a lovely seed time. god good in many mercies. my wife not with me, and my mind very foolish, lord pardon and help. gods providence be towards his for good, said the news sad in Ireland, the rebels regaining their estates from the English

[Estate-] When I review my estate, I find my receipts rather more than my layings out and yet my building and stock have cost me more above 70li(.) I have sold my wifes land at. 57li.10s. and paid debts with the money(,) the lords name be praised, that provides bountifully for me, oh that my soul, and mine might prosper in thy sight.