Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.1.1664 (Sunday 24 January 1664)

document 70014155

Jan. 24. continual snow. god good to me in outward mercies. my Cousin Hurril under a distraction, lord remember her in mercy and restore her. God good in my relations, in the liberty of his word and worship give me a heart for thy glory.

When I look abroad thus in England public quiet, and yet nothing but discontents(,) the state brooks no public religious meetings, but legal. Denmarke, Swede. Holland, in peace, the Turkish pirates harsh to our traders in the midland seas(,) the great princes young. Turk about 21. or 22. France. 25. Emp. 23. Swede a boy. Savoy very young. the Emp. at Ratisbone diet engaging the Emp. to assist against the Turk the popish party join. France would have the auxiliaries commanded by a friend of his and then he would assist, but


The great difference between the pope and France, which accused the world that the french designs run high, likely to be agreed by condescension on the popes part

The polish king carries war to the Moscovites door with hope of peace, but that not likely, great endeavours to declare Duke d Enguyen . successor to poland(.) The Turks make great preparations against christendom. Apaffi; gets many places from the Emp: submitting to him all Germany and Italy in all amaze, the northern kingdoms quiet. Spain warring to reduce Portugal