Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.5.1664 (Monday 23 May 1664)

document 70014300

23. it seemed to cloud over my head from god, in many particulars. my wife very ill, with our Rebekahs illness, who was sadly afflicted with boils. I apprehended it fading, my cold lost, things ill in the family, the court looked on by me as if my liberty might be restrained, my heart was awkward, and humbly desirous of gods favour, he would not meditate unkindness, or lie in wait to bruise a poor reed. I sought him humbly, and hope in all particulars before me(.) my colt came home. the court(,) except a little, not meddling with me, my childs boils break and I have more hope. lord sanctify all unto me for good.