Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.1.1679 (Monday 27 January 1679)

document 70019385

27. In the morning before I rose, about 6. of the clock I awakened and had just dreamed, that one told me that the parliament was to meet but for a morning and that there were 11. men intended to make speeches. about 10. of the clock I heard it was to be dissolved and a new one chosen. god is still where he was. it cannot be chosen until March. this was according to the Council in Colemans letter. god is where he was. honest men formerly desired the dissolution thereof but now its continuance was desired in reference to the discovery of the plot. I supposed the cabal does it to gain time and to bring on the French assistance, many thought this parliament had so corrupted themselves and done so ill in the matters of the nation and were formerly so odious that god would do his work by some other and never honour them; on the 26. a great fire at London, which amazed us in the country(,) pitying the city under the treachery against them. my leg sore with cat bite s.