Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.1.1680 (Monday 26 January 1680)

document 70019780

Jan. 26: 79. my. 64 enters

I was sensible of it and affected with gods goodness, not troubled in 63. as a critical and dangerous year though I often thought of it. I find the danger in my body of death, and indwelling corruption which worries. night and day, but it sweetens christ to me, when right is bitterness. read Ezech. 26.2. I fear Holland and France think England is broken, and our glory and trade will fall into their hands while we groan under misery. but god will a[ri]se and help. the Parl. should have sat this day. its petitioned for. but if they may not sit for gods interest he will stand up for it. parl. broke Monarchy. perhaps god will have Parl. broken by Monarchical. time was no addresses to the King by subjects. now the K. will admit no addresses to him, we will go god who will hear.